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Concrete Removal

After your break up concrete, do you have the equipment to haul away the rubble? Dirty Dog Hauling is considered a regional concrete removal pro.  We can take care of the heavy load and a direct the waste to approved quarries or recycling facilities. So Contractors (and homeowners) renovating a parking lot, driveway, sidewalk, patio, or other concrete related projects can now make it easy on themselves; just call or schedule with Dirty Dog Hauling to provide the muscle for quick and green concrete removal.

Concrete Recycling

Most landfills and incinerators don’t want debris from concrete removal. Dirty Dog recycles concrete and other construction debris to make the construction and renovation process faster and greener for everybody.

Aggregate gets crushed and sorted into various sizes. The material can be reused to pave roads and bind asphalt for construction projects — saving money and virgin resources. When you use Dirty Dog’s junk removal services for your concrete removal needs, you help to stop the overuse of landfills as well as making future construction more environmentally friendly!