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About Dirty Dog Hauling
Our First Truck (2006)
At Dirty Dog Hauling Junk Removal, we understand that courtesy, efficiency, punctuality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of a successful business. This is how Dirty Dog Hauling™ began and this is how we intend on growing. We are not satisfied until our customers are satisfied.

As a Pup

Even as a young company we quickly recognized the growing need for professional junk removal services within the local area. To meet this need we not only improved our trucks, but positioned the business for expansion by hiring and uniforming drivers that were committed to customer satisfaction and professionalism.
Our Trucks Today

Making Tracks Around Town
Today, through the use of the latest technologies and the ongoing dedication to getting things done, our company is now more efficient and resourceful. In expectation of having a fleet of trucks throughout the U.S. and eventually throughout the World, in summer of 2007 we began awarding franchises to qualified individuals searching for the perfect opportunity to become their own boss. [www.franchiseadirtydog.com] Dirty Dog Hauling is currently serving the Mid State Region of Central Pennsylvania, including Lancaster, Harrisburg and surrounding areas.
Dirty Dog Hauling Junk Removal Services Gives Back To The Community Opportunities to Serve
As our company continues to grow, we believe that our responsibility to give back to the community grows as well. From creating and sponsoring a local inner city baseball team to hosting childrens' holiday activities, we recognize the impact that we are able to have on the lives of others - not only by removing their unwanted junk - but by putting a smile on their face.

Come Grow with Us! Franchising Opportunities
Dirty Dog Franchising Group is awarding independent Dirty Dog Hauling Franchises to qualified individuals throughout the United States. For more information about our current service centers or franchise locations, please contact us at 1-866-4 MY JUNK ( 1-866-469-5865 ).

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